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StackMob iOS Home

Find resources on building iOS apps with StackMob's iOS SDK. The iOS SDK integrates with Apple's CoreData framework to provide seamless server-side datastore management, authentication and much more.
Latest: 64-bit architecture support, save policies, and more released in v2.2.0. Read The Blogpost
Core Data Integration Guide

Optionally use Core Data as the persistence layer for your application to save and read objects on StackMob.

Caching/Offline Sync Guide

Learn how to save and read objects when offline, sync with the server, and handle conflicts.

iOS Beta Program

Get involved in a community that focuses on using and improving the latest SDK features and fixes.

Popular Features

Find resources here on how the StackMob iOS SDK helps you build mobile apps. We've provided an iOS Developer Guide to get you started.

Get Started

Download and setup instructions to build your first app right away.


Save and retrieve objects from the server side datastore

Push Notifications

Send push notifications through APNS to iOS

User Authentication

Securely create and login users. There are built-in server-side access controls too.


Use Facebook and Twitter for user authentication

File Storage

Store and retrieve files with Amazon S3 integration


Store geolocation records and query for records by location.

Additional Resources