The StackMob Platform will cease operation on Sunday May 11th, 2014. We are no longer accepting new customers.

StackMob Java Home

With the StackMob Java Client SDK, you can integrate StackMob into any Java / JVM application; such as a Java command line utility, an app on Tomcat, JBoss, etc. This library will allow you to connect almost any JVM to your StackMob app and access the same app data as with the iOS, Android, JavaScript and other SDKs.

For Android apps, there is also an Android SDK that provides additional Android specific functionality.

Notice: The Android SDK is built on top of the Java SDK. Most of the resources below apply to both SDKs.

Popular Features

Find resources here on how the StackMob Android SDK helps you build mobile apps. We've provided an Android Developer Guide to get you started.


Save and retrieve objects from the server side datastore

Push Notifications

Send push notifications through GCM to Android

User Authentication

Securely create and login users. There are built-in server-side access controls too.


Use Facebook and Twitter for user authentication

File Storage

Store and retrieve files with Amazon S3 integration


Store geolocation records and query for records by location.