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StackMob SDKs

Find the latest information, guides, and tutorials to help you build mobile apps with StackMob's official SDKs.

Third Party SDKs

Check out third party SDKs written by StackMob's active community.
ActionScript OAuth 2.0 Client

Use StackMob in your AS3 Flash and Adobe Air projects.

contributed by lasneyx

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Appcelerator Titanium and the StackMob JS SDK

Use the stock StackMob JS SDK in HTML/JS mobile apps on the Titanium platform.

contributed by yustein

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PHP OAuth 1.0 Example

Use StackMob's REST API from your PHP web app. Light example using OAuth 1.0.

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Python OAuth 1.0 Examples

Use StackMob's REST API with your Python scripts.

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Sencha OAuth 2.0 Client

Build Sencha HTML/JS apps with StackMob powering the backend.

Learn how to connect a Sencha Touch app to a StackMob back-end.

contributed by Palomino Labs

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PHP OAuth 2.0 Client

A community member wrote an OAuth 2.0 PHP client, complete with authentication.

contributed by jobiwankanobi

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